Union Street SwingFest 2016

The winter season is not usually a favorite of many people in the south.  We long for the days that linger around 70 degrees, a very pleasant temperature to enjoy.  My students, however, have always looked forward to winter due to our annual trip to the Big Band Swing weekend in Asheville, NC.   Those of you who have followed my blog know that we have attended this event for a number of years.  I have reported seeing the event change over time, with my last blog relating how disappointed we were in the overall experience in 2015.

We decided to try our own hand at creating an event of this nature that was more localized to the Cabarrus County area, specifically, we wanted to bring the action into downtown Concord, NC.  We already knew of a several great swing bands that operated in the area.  One in particular, the Salisbury Swing Band, we had worked with on numerous occasions at different events.  They were the obvious choice to headline our own event.

Location is key, so we wanted to select a facility that had both character and enough space to handle our style of dancing.  Concord contains many places that have character, but just a few that had the space requirements.  The Hotel Concord became the obvious choice to hold our event.

Next, we had to create excitement for the event.  We used a combination of social media, banners, newspaper ads and even radio to let the public know of our event.  With all of the components in place, Union Street SwingFest was about to become a reality.

Union Street SwingFest2

The evening turned out to be better than we expected, especially with it being our first event of this type and size.  Attendees enjoyed a fantastic evening and the number of positive comments were overwhelming.  We are already looking forward to holding our next event, with the hope of making Union Street SwingFest an annual event.




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