DFTA or Dancing for the Arts

My project with the Cabarrus Arts Council, called “Dancing for the Arts”, kicked off around the middle of August with our first Cast Meeting.  Initially we had hoped to have 10 stars join us, but as to be expected, two Stars dropped out due to personal reasons.  We were unable to replace them in time, so it was decided to continue with just eight stars.

As our cast began to show up for the meeting, you could see the concern on some of their faces.  We assured them that there would be no dancing expected of them.  The plan was to have everyone meet to discuss the project expectations and allow our Stars to ask questions.  That seemed to relax the group as a whole and we moved forward with the meeting once everyone had arrived.

Something that I have always loved about this type of project are the mix of people and personalities that you meet.  Projects like this have paired me with Doctors, Mayors, Playwrights, and a host of other interesting people.  Getting to know these folks and understand what makes them tick is always a fun experience for me.

My process for partnering up the Stars to my dancers was based on pure logic.  I did not have a lot of personal information to go on, even basic things like height and age were, for the most part, generalized.  Once each Star was introduced to their dance partner, I could see that my pairings had turned out better than I could have expected.  Some of the Stars had already begun starting friendly rivalries between each other.

Each team was given some time to talk and get acquainted.  I had spent most of the summer picking songs and putting together the choreography for many of the teams.  This was done primarily so that it would make the learning process easier and faster for the Star.  The excitement continued to build and before long, some Stars were even wanting to learn their basic steps before the meeting ended.

I could not have asked for a better start to this project.  You can find out more information about our Stars by visiting the Dancing for the Arts page.  Look for more updates in the coming weeks.


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