Sometimes you fly by the seat of your pants

I received a call the other day from a fellow downtown business owner who asked if I had some availability around 7:00 am the following day.  Naturally I enquired about what the opportunity included and was told that a local TV station, WCCB, was going to be conducting interviews with other local business owners to promote downtown concord and they wanted me to be one of those interviewees.

Obviously, I was on board and made plans to be in Concord around 7:00 am.  The next morning I pulled up to the curb and started to walk to the shop where the camera crew was going to be stationed.  Along the way I saw a few people I knew and took a moment to say good morning.  It was at this time I was introduced to Jon Wilson and discovered that he was the host of the show that would perform the interviews and that we would be shooting live segments for his morning show called Wilson’s World on WCCB News Rising.  This was going to be a great opportunity to get my business and downtown Concord a little publicity.  I was feeling very blessed to have this opportunity.

As we are standing around, waiting for our different segments to come up, Jon and his cameraman were entertaining us with stories.  They revealed that the two of them had been working together for a very long time and had seen a lot in their years together.

One of the best stories they shared was about their first job at WCCB, which was covering a local UNCC football game.  The team was not doing that well at the time, which made his job very difficult.  He talked about having to fill about two hours worth of air time talking about a team that was getting crushed every single time they hit the field.  Fans were very scarce at that time, so he had trouble finding people to do interviews to help past the air time.  I could relate to having to start out at the bottom and work my way up.  These are the opportunities to build character, allowing you to learn your craft and master it.

It was not very long before they announced that my segment would be coming up next.  Jon tells me that he will have a little intro and then bring me in.  It was going to be an interview style segment, he said that I could either look at the camera or look at him.  That was about all of the coaching that he gave and then we were getting the countdown for the segment start.  Check out the entire interview below…

Sometimes you fly by the seat of your pants…

Reviewing the interview, I thought it was one of the better segments on the show.   Jon and I worked very well together, but what did you think of the segment?  Please leave your comments below.



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