Job Perks

I love my job…  and I realize how fortunate that makes me.

In a recent series of blogs I gave you a brief history of how my business developed over the course of about a ten year span.   My absence from this blog is a direct result of how much time I have been spending running my business.  This was not a surprise to me, I expected to spend ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week to get things going.  Something was bound to be neglected and the blog was one of the pieces.

So what have I been doing the last serval months?

Our annual Dancing in the Clover competition was in March.  I am waiting on the video so that I can write a proper blog and post the dance for you to see.

I have choreographed about six separate First Dance routines for couples getting married in the first part of the year.  One for some friends of mine, whose wedding will be in just a few short weeks.  I will post the video here with a little interview from them at the end of May.

We have the Hickory Big Band Swing event coming up in just a few short weeks.

Been planning our first annual Big Band Swing event scheduled for January 2016.  Very excited to be hosting an event like this for the Concord area.  The event will feature the Salisbury Swing Band.  I love working with these folks and know they will help to make our first event a success.

Been planning our first dance competition for the Concord area, scheduled for November 2015.

And it is only the beginning of May…

Hopefully I will be able to fill up these pages with many updates and stories in the upcoming months.  Looking forward to sharing them with you.


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