The History of Positively Ballroom, LLC – Chapter 6

In January of 2014, I could feel that it was going to be a year of change for Positively Ballroom.   What that change would be was still yet to be discovered or understood, but the feeling was certainly there.

One of the first things that I felt needed to be revised was our class format.  In previous years we had stuck to a monthly format, teaching one dance consecutively over the course of one month.  We found that this format was great studios that had a whole week of hours to offer their clients, but it was not working for our studio, which only had one day to offer classes in a group format.  Businesses frequently poll their clients to receive feedback on service levels and to get a feeling for what their client’s want.  Our poll discovered that our clients want to experience more dances for a longer time frame.  Taking this information, we changed our format to our class series, which would include instruction in four similar dances over the course of four months.

Our second change was going to be more of a gamble – a change to the day and time we offered our group class.  For the last two years we had offered our group class on Saturday evenings. We had played it safe hoping to attract those looking for something to do on Saturday nights.  It was time to take a calculated risk to see if we could change the interest level, so we moved the class to Friday evenings.

Over the course of the next six months, we would see our changes turn into positive business growth.  We gained new clientele and our current student base remained stable.  It was around May that I realized that it may be time to make one last big change.

Check out Chapter 7 to see the next step in the History of Positively Ballroom.


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