The History of Positively Ballroom, LLC – Chapter 5

There are certain relationships that you always cherish, and most business owners will say that they always remember their first client.  My first client came to me wanting to learn how to Swing dance for their daughter’s wedding.  Though it was a short term goal, they enjoyed dancing at the wedding so much that they ended up staying a client of mine for the next several years until they moved out of my area.   We still keep in touch, which tells you the kind of relationship we had.

The first few years in business is always the hardest.  Expect trials, tribulations and many changes to endure for both yourself and for your business.  The trick to navigating these things is to stay consistent in your service levels, maintain a positive attitude, set realistic goals and work hard.  Clients will eventually find you, but sometimes it may take longer than you planned.

I can tell you that I experienced my share of trails, but the one thing that kept me focused was confidence that I was doing what I was put on this earth to do.   I know that God has a plan for me, otherwise why would I have been given the talents that possess?  I have always done my best to keep God at the center of my business operation and in that regard I know he has blessed me.

Some businesses grow quickly, while others grow at a slower rate.  Positively Ballroom grew at a slower rate than some of its competitors, but I was always aware that it grew at a rate that I could handle.  Slower growth allowed me to make mistakes and have time to recover from them.  I know we live in the age of instant gratification, but in the world of business, it is sometimes best to move at a slow but steady pace.

Check out Chapter 6 to see the next step in the History of Positively Ballroom.


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