The History of Positively Ballroom, LLC – Chapter 2

My first order of business was to form a Business Plan.  I found this fantastic software called Business Plan Pro that was not only affordable, but was designed to help with the start-up and continued development of my business throughout its lifetime.

I remember starting the program for the first time, looking forward to seeing how it would help me figure out this process.  The program started out by offering many different types of industry templates to help get me started and provided functioning examples.  I found one for a dance studio and immediately started answering questions.

The program did a great job of providing open ended question including some basic examples that helped categorize my thoughts.  What did I want this business to offer as services, how would I provide these services and what would be my cost of operation?   These were some of the many high level questions that had to be considered as part of the process.

Answering these questions brought me to my first initial concept of how I wanted to do business.  In the end, I decided that stepping into a brick and mortar building was not going to be a viable option for many years.  It was at this point that I realized to be different, I had to think differently.  This lead me to consider offering my services in the privacy of my client’s home or place of their choosing, thus eliminating the need for a physical building.

After three weeks of working with the Business Pro software, I had my first rough draft of my Business Plan.  I had learned a lot more than I had ever planned to about starting a business.  Oddly enough, I had previously owned another business, a Martial Arts studio, but this business had been a buyout.  The hard work of starting it up was not mine to endure and I had simply taken over what was already there.  There is a lot of difference in starting up and buying out, something to consider for anyone wanting to be in business for themselves.

Check out Chapter 3 to see the next step in the History of Positively Ballroom.


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