What is in a name?

If you are wondering why I did not post a blog during the month of April, my computer was down for most of the month.  I had to format and reinstall the operating system twice and it has taken weeks to get everything back to normal.  So with that, let’s get to my topic for this blog.

This month our Saturday group class is Intermediate East Coast Swing and a young couple attending the class expressed interest in learning some beginner lifts or tricks.  I was excited that they wanted to take on that kind of challenge, however, they are still relatively new to the dance so I wanted to pick something that would be easy to learn.

I decided to start with a slide that is popular in the Swing dance style.  You see this move on DWTS with many of the Jive routines.  Here are a couple of examples of this slide.

First we have the recent Jive by Val and Zendya.  The slide is performed at the 46 second mark on this video clip:

Next we have Derrick and Kelly.  The slide is performed at the 2:30 mark on this video clip:

For this class my wife Mary was my partner.  When I made the suggestion of doing the slide to the group, everyone was very excited.  When it comes to doing any type of lift, drop or slide, there is a lot of trust involved for both partners.  In this case, she was worried about injuring her back, but I knew she would be OK if she would just relax and trust me.

So here we go… I bend over, she hits her sitting position and we grab hands.  I pull her through my legs, she hits her slide perfectly but as I brought her to a standing position, I noticed that her face was red.

I said to her, “Your face is so red, were you holding your breath?”

She said, “Well….my nose gets kind of close to your hind quarters when we do that move and I was concerned about the air quality.”

The class lost it and everyone burst out laughing.  That is my wife, the dancing comedian.  The class now refers to this move affectionately as the “butt slide”.  So far, there have been no “accidents” (that is, no bodily injury on her part and no air quality mishaps on mine)!

Take time to be adventurous and you may find many new experiences to enjoy and laughs to be had.



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