Performances from the Butterfly House competition 2012

This week I thought you might enjoy seeing our performances from the Butterfly House competition from September 2012. The first video is the Waltz performed with my partner Amy Yow.


The second video was the Cha-Cha performed with my partner Dr Yolanda Johnson.


The Performances

The Waltz routine we envisioned a couple enjoying a bright spring day in the park. The man doing those “little things” like covering a dirty seat for his lady and surprising her with flowers seemed right for the occasion. We created dance choreography that would make the couple appear to be enjoying the natural setting and at times, almost seeming to… dare I say “frolic” together. We though the classic look would best convey the words of the song. In case you could not hear it very well, the song was Aretha Franklin’s “You make me feel”.

For the routine we envisioned almost the exact opposite of what we did in the Waltz. The man and women have broken up and meet again accidently at a local club. They start out by circling each other, not very happy about the run in, hence starting back-to-back. However, they soon remember some of the good times and the dance choreography from that point is the representation of that chemistry from when they were still together. We choose Gotee’s “Somebody that I use to know” which fit the situation perfectly.

Did you like the performances? Leave me your feedback in the comments section below.

Remember to keep dancing!



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