Picks of the week from DWTS

The last two (or three) weeks on “Dancing with the Stars” has been kind of interesting.  The show produced several stand out performances with their “All-star fusion week” and then again with their “Trio Week”.  Shawn Johnson continues to impress with whomever she is dancing with.  During fusion week, I understand that Derek Hough was hurt and was unable to perform.  Mark Ballas substituted as Shawn’s partner for that week and they performed a fantastic Tango/Paso Doble.  This may have been one of the best dances to showcase how the different Latin styles share similar traits.  The transition between the two styles are completely seamless.

This week featured a number of really good performances.  Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy had two really good routines, but I thought that Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani has the standout traditional routines.   The first was an old school Quick Step.

The second was their Trio dance with Henry Byalikov where they performed a great Paso Doble.

Lastly, there was one additional stand out dance this week, though it received a low score based on content. Shawn, Derek and Mark performed a “Tribal Samba” that was by far the most creative dance of the evening. It was a great example of how good Mark and Derek are as dance choreographers, however, if they had waited and did this one in a free style show, it would have killed. Len Goodman gave the dance a score of “7” due to content. I can understand his point of view; he is the traditional Ballroom judge and is known for not accepting “performance” over “dancing content”.  It was still one of the most creative dances that I think has ever been on the show. Take a look.


Next post I will have the video from our performances at the Butterfly House fund-raiser.   Untill then, remember to keep dancing!



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