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It has been awhile from my last post and I apologize for that.  The dancing world has been a little slow and I am not a huge follower of “Dancing with Stars”, though I have watched a few excerpts from this season due to it being “All-Stars”.  Speaking of which, unless a bomb drops on LA, Derek and Shawn are the couple to beat this season.  The one show I did watch featured them doing this routine:
So what have I been doing when not in the studio?  I have been out to the movie theater several times over the last month.  I caught “Pitch Perfect”, “Looper” and just this week, “Cloud Atlas”.
If you are looking for a cute little musical, check out “Pitch Perfect”.  Rated PG-13, this movie should be a launching pad for Anna Kendrick, who you may remember from her supporting roles in movies like the “Twilight” series or “Up in the Air” along side George Clooney.  She has been in a lot of movies, but this was her first staring role, at least from what I can tell.  She reminds me of another of my favorite actresses around the same age, Emma Stone.  Both Emma and Anna were in a plethora of supporting roles and then one day…   WHAM, Emma headlines “Easy A” and then next thing you know she is all over the place.  I am looking for Anna to break out next, and start dominating the current movie scene.
Another actor that had a big year was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He will have four movies out this year, two of which I saw: “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Looper”.  The other, “Premium Rush” I wanted to see, but decided to wait until it comes out on cable.  “Lincoln” appears to be due before the end of the year.
The Dark Knight Rises” was one of the most successful movies of the year next to “The Avengers”.  While both movies where very good, I actually saw “The Dark Knight Rises” twice just because of Anne Hathaway. Unless you just hate movies, you have probably heard enough about those two.  Let’s talk about “Looper”, rated R.  I though that Gordon-Levitt did a really decent job in his role.  I heard that some people did not think he was that great at mimicking Bruce Willis, but I found his acting to be to my liking.  Of course, another of my favorite female actresses, Emily Blunt, was part of the cast, so I really had no complaints there.  If you like thoughtful Sci-Fi films, “Looper” is one that I recommend.
I saw “Cloud Atlas”, rated R, this last week and I must say that it is the must see movie of the year.  This is movie for people who appreciate visual artistry, an intriguing story and fantastic acting.  This will be a movie that people will talk about and watch over and over again for generations.  I anticipate that it will reach the same level as movies like “2001: a Space Odyssey”, “Blade Runner” or any other movie that people consider to be a product of its respective generation.
It is a movie that I want to see again because I have not stopped thinking about the philosophical under tones.  It is a return to form by the Wachowski siblings, who have proved that they can still deliver thought provoking pieces for our generation.  The movie is based on the book written by David Mitchell, which I hope is just as good, if not better, than the film.
Have you watch any if these recent films?  Leave your thoughts below.

Remember to keep dancing!



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