Tango Performance from 2012 Showcase

I have been promising to post information about the studio’s May Showcase for quite some time now.   This week I finally have the video and pictures of the event together.  So without further adieux…    I present to you the group Tango performance from our 2012 May Showcase.


The Dancers

Most people do not realize how much courage and practice it takes to do something like this.  I am very proud of the five students who aggreed to participate.  Allow me to introduce the dancers and tell you a little about them:

 Steven and Robin

(couple on the left of the stage)

Steven and Robin have been dancing for many years and started taking classes with me at the beginning of 2012. Both are excellent dancers and have experience in several dance styles. Tango was a new dance style that they had not tried, but they took to it like a duck to water. When I was thinking about putting together the routine, I asked if they would be interested in trying performance dancing. This being something they had not done yet.  They both enthusiastically agreed.

Steve and Lina

(Couple on the right on the stage)

Steve and Lina have been dancing with me a little over a year.  Tango was a new dance style to them as well.  Steve and Lina really put a lot of effort into practicing the routine, sometimes two to three hours at a time.  When I asked them to be participants in the routine, Steve immediately said “Yes!”, but Lina required a little convencing.  Take note guys – it is not just the ladies that enjoy dancing.  This was was their first time performing.

Ryan and Judy

(couple in the middle)

You may remember Judy from a previous performance that we did together back in March of this year for the 4H Foundation.  I asked Judy to partner with me again because I enjoyed working with her so much.  It also gave us an opportunity to get ready for our participation in the 2013 4H Foundation fundraising event.  We are the only Pro-Am couple in the group Tango performance.

The Performance

Anyone with a creative mind will tell you that ideas can come from many sources. This routine was something I had hoped to do for many years. Initially I had envisioned it containing five or six couples, but I realized that three turned out to be just enough.

Music is a very important thing when thinking of dances that you may want to perform. “Those Shoes”, a well-known Eagles tune, was a song that I had been thinking of for quite some time. I favor rock songs because they are relatable to men, plus, I think it surprises people so see someone performing a dance style like the Tango to that kind of music. It is a challenge for me to fit the dance to the music and make it seem natural. That challenge is what I enjoy most about creating choreography.

Did you like the performance?  Leave me your feedback in the comments section below.

Remember to keep dancing!



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