It was bound to happen sometime…

Welcome to Social Dancing for Adults!

It was bound to happen sometime…   no one lives forever.  Today I say good-bye to an old friend.  He was a good reliable friend.  We travelled over 149,000 miles together, through rain, snow and blackest night and never a complaint.  Good bye dear Prius, you will be missed.

Last week I was heading to the studio and an angry red triangle came up on my dashboard display with the message “PROBLEM” displaying on the navigation screen.  I did a quick check on the hybrid system, which means I pushed this button marked “Info” which then displayed the current status of my hybrid battery.  Did not see any immediate issue, but as I am not a certified Prius mechanic, that really does not mean much.

I checked the Prius into the local Toyota service department to have them run diagnostics on the car.  It took the better part of the morning for them to determine that the battery needed to be replaced.  They made sure to explain that it was the “big” battery, aka the battery that powers the electric motor.  An inquiry on the cost of replacement produced a “starting price” of $3000…    yeah…   right.

So, I decided to pay the $40 dollar fee for the diagnostics and look for other options.  The Internet can provide a lot of useful information. I found several sites that gave good information on how to rebuild the Prius battery.  Here is a video that explains the process:

Simple…  Ah, but as you might guess there is one little caveat to replacing the battery yourself:  you can completely burn out the computer on the Prius.  No computer, no problem, right?  Completely wrong!  How does the hybrid synergy drive work if the computer does not control it?

Correct… it doesn’t.  Looks like I will be shopping for a new car soon.  The Prius is a great car, but I realize that you just cannot drive it forever.  Looks like about 145,000 miles is a good stopping point.

I thought about writing a funny eulogy and was searching for some ideas.  I found a site that had quite a few real eulogies already posted.  Here are a few that I thought were funny, hope that you enjoy them as well:

1)   Bill was not a rich man. He was not a proud man. He was not a successful man. Nor was he especially attractive, articulate, or even remotely respected. Neither was he particularly well-liked or hygienic. So I suppose, what I’m really trying to say is… there’s cake back at the house and if we hurry, we can probably catch the second half of the Bulls game.

2)   And through our tears of grief, let us endeavor to never forget the flatulent hilarity that ensued each time Uncle Mikey graced us with his presence. Surely the Seraphim themselves are pulling upon his finger at this very moment.

3)   I don’t think I’ll ever get over him. But if anyone wants to try and help me, I’m in the back by the boxes of wine.

4)   I hope she’s in a happier place. But let’s be honest: you don’t get struck by lightning during a sunny day because God loves you, you know? Still, we can HOPE.

5)   She seduced my husband, spread vicious rumors about me, and got me fired from my dream job. That’s all I want to say really, I just want to be in the front of the line when we start burying the bitch.

6)   I have already apologized to his family, and to his friends. But let me do it again: I am sorry for stealing my best friend Dave’s body and doing that funny “Weekend at Bernie’s” thing. But it was our favorite movie – and dragging him around to a bar seemed like the right thing to do. I had no idea he was so… delicate.

And this last one for my friend TJ:

7)   I never slept with Cynthia. But I wanted to and God knows I tried. Even now, in death, I’d have to say I still wouldn’t kick the broad out of my bed.

Sometimes reality is funnier than fiction.

Remember to keep dancing!



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