Dancing… Just for the fun of it!

Welcome to Social Dancing for Adults!

This weekend I was watching a movie called “Something Borrowed” with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.  In the movie the two ladies break out this dance to the song “Push It”, which was a popular club song back in the 80’s.  What is so interesting about the segment is that these ladies really rock their moves and do a really great job with some hard foot work.

You can always tell when someone is a good dancer, because they make the hard stuff look easy.  You think to yourself, I can do that, until you try to do it and then…   yeah, not as easy as it looks.  Watch the video on Youtube – http://youtu.be/Z2PRvux-kC4

The next video was something that Mary found.  A cute little Dachshund has been taking classes in “Beginning Musical Freestyle” and he shows off his moves along with his owner.  I especially like when he does his little Swing moves.  Hope you enjoy the show.

Remember to keep dancing!



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