Studio News – “Dancing with the Stars” for Charity

Hello Dance Friends,

It’s January and 2012 is under way.  Hard to believe that it’s the winter season with this nice weather the last few days.  Last year we had a REAL winter season with ice and snow and…   ice.   The snow was nice but the ice…   not so much.   I think this year is going to be mild, at least from what we have experienced so far.

Mary just said it was cold this week…   she has been sick the last two weeks so I think her internal thermometer is off a bit.  Anyone else think it’s been cold?  Oh… you did?  Well, I guess it’s me then…    🙂     Michael Buble sang it best:  Baby its cold outside.

Exciting Things Coming Your Way

I have some exciting things to tell you about, so sit back and listen to this.   I received an invitation in December to be part of a fund raiser for the Union County 4-H Foundation.  If you are unfamiliar with the 4-H foundation it is dedicated to helping boys and girls of all racial, cultural, economic, and social backgrounds develop life skills needed to be contributing members of their communities. Children can participate in 4-H educational programs through three different types of learning experiences – clubs, special interest programs, and school enrichment programs.

For more information take a look at their website:

The charity event involves a Dancing with the Stars style of performance, where local celebrities partner with local dance professionals.  We are to perform a routine and the way you win is by raising the most money for the Union County 4-H Youth Program.  Each dollar donated in the couple’s name equals one point.  The couple with the most points will win at the end of the evening.  My dance partners will be two local celebrities, of whom I will tell you more about later.  I hope that you will come out and support us either by buying a ticket, making a donation or possibly both.  The event will include dinner, the performances and open dancing afterward with a live band.  The event will be held at the Rolling Hills Country Club in Monroe, NC.  Event date is March 3rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm.  Since will we not have class that evening, you have an excuse to join us for this event!

Our new class series will be starting Saturday.  Please take a moment to try out registering for your classes through our website.

The Big Band Swing weekend at the Grove Park Inn in Ashville is coming up in just a couple of weeks.  So far we have three couples going, and would like to have more join us.  Let me know if you are interested and I will provide additional information on the event.

I wanted to leave you with a video of one of the best tango routines in recent memory.  The actual dance starts at the 1 minute 30 second mark.  Enjoy!

See you on the dance floor soon!



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