Studio News: Hustle Starting, Holiday Season

Happy Halloween ghost gals and guys,

Hope everyone had a great Trick or Treat weekend.  Our “Arise” event on Saturday morning started out cold and wet, but the sun soon came out and things began to warm up.  We had about twelve dancers of various ages who performed the “Thriller” on stage.  I am including a link to the video on you tube for your enjoyment.

We had a few other performers on stage for the event.  My pal Erika, who performed a Belly Dance routine, stole the show.  I was scheduled to go on after she finished, but after watching her command of the stage, there was no way I was going to be able to follow her.  J  Thanks again for coming out, Erika it was great having you with us.

The Dance on Saturday evening was a nice success though I did experience some technical difficulties with the music.  My iPod shut down about an hour into the dance.  I worked things out and the dance continued with only a slight delay.  Thanks to those who came out and joined us for the evening.  I promise that next time we will have an even better event for you.

This week we start a series on the Hustle.  The first class will be on Saturday at 6:00 pm.   This is a slight change from our normal 5:30 pm start time.  I also wanted to remind you that this will be our last series for the year.  I mentioned that we have some big plans for our program next year.  The new schedule will be up soon, so please continue to hang on with us as we make slight changes and improvements.

The last dance of the year will be on Saturday, December 10, 2011.  We might also look at having a Holiday party if there is any interest from the students.  The party would be at a local restaurant on either a Friday or Saturday evening.  If you have any suggestions on places that can accommodate us, please e-mail or talk with me during class.  We did this last year and had a very nice turn out from the students.  It was a very enjoyable evening together.

Have a great week and we will see you on Saturday.



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