Studio News – Charity Dance, the Hustle, Class Info

Greetings Dance Friends,

We are back from vacation and getting ready for the “Arise” Family Friendly Festival in just a couple of weeks.  If you live close to the Union County area and are looking for a family friendly event, please consider coming out and supporting us for a few hours on Saturday morning, October 29th.  The list of activities continues to grow, just added – a Hula Hoop contest!

If you cannot attend, consider purchasing a raffle ticket for only $5.00.  The more tickets you buy, the better your chance to win.  Here is a list of prizes:

  • A PlayStation 3 (includes one controller)
  • An S&K Coffee/Tea/Sweets basket (the list is huge – over 23 individual items in the basket)
  • A Diviniti Salon gift box (6 different hair care products and a free hair cut coupon)
  • Two Individual coupons for a free hair cut also from Diviniti Salon (will be awarded separately)
  • An Avon gift basket
  • A gift certificate for two private dance lessons from Positively Ballroom
  • A Wild Thrashers t-shirt created by Marius James
  • Bath and Body Works lotion and body wash: two sets for a the ladies and one set for a man (will be awarded separately)

I think that everyone can find something of interest from this list.  Best of all, your ticket purchase will be used to support local charities.

We have been kicking around several possible dance styles that we wanted to introduce to you for the last class of the year.  After much consideration we felt that Hustle would be a good fit.

“Hustle” you say, you mean that line dance they did in the movie “Saturday Night Fever”?  Yes…  and no…

Yes, the Hustle was performed as a line dance in the movie, but it is also a partner dance.

Check out John Travola’s famous “white jacket” Hustle  and see what drove the Hustle craze.

Hustle is a form of swing dance, so if you like swing dancing, and I know that you do…   you will certainly like the Hustle.  Some have expressed the distaste for Disco music, and we hear you, but I bet you didn’t know that you can dance the Hustle to modern pop music.  We will make sure to use a very nice variety during the class.

Speaking of the class…  The class will start on Saturday, November 5th and will end on December 3rd.  On December 10th, we will have our last Dance Social of the year and then take a break for the Holidays.

Here is some other big news for 2012. 

We are changing the class format and creating a longer series of classes that contain dances that share similar traits.  The different series will be:

  • “Ballroom”, which includes Waltz, Foxtrot, and Swing
  • “Latin”, which includes Tango, Rumba and Cha-Cha
  • “Club”, which includes Salsa, Carolina Shag and Texas Two-Step
  • “International”, which includes Bolero, Argentine Tango and Bachata

We will also have classes available on multiple days, but only one group class on each day.  We hope that you will find this new format exciting and more enjoyable.

Dance Socials will be offered at least every six weeks in 2012.

We will try to put out a schedule for the first quarter with all of this new information so that you can see it visually.  A link will be provide on this website for the new schedule and Dance Social calendar, so check back often for new updates.

Social Dance Events have been updated to reflect recent changes and new events are being added all the time.

If you have any suggestions on events that you would enjoy, feel free to send them by e-mail or mention them when we see each other at classes or events.



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