Studio Newsletter for September 20th, 2011

Greetings Students and Dance Friends,

September is coming to a close next week, with our last class for the series this Saturday. I hope you have enjoyed American Waltz and Carolina Shag.
October brings us the Foxtrot and Bolero. Both dances are interesting, but the Bolero is one of the few International styled dances that we teach. It will be the first of several new Latin dances coming up in the next several months.

In TV land Dancing with the Stars started this week. I did not have a chance to watch it, but Mary did and she said that she recognized a certain pattern that was performed during the Waltz segments. It was the Inside/Outside turn that I taught you just last weekend. This just goes to show you that you too, can Dance like a Star!

If you have visited the Positively Ballroom website as of late, you may have noticed that it is “Under Construction”. I got tired of the last site and decided it was time for a change. We hope to have the new design debut this weekend. We have a lot of interesting new things that we are adding. One area will provide an overview of each dance that we teach, a video demonstration and even songs that we play in class for the dance. We plan to expand this area to include favorite dance movies and other items of interest for your enjoyment.  So please check out the new site when it is available.

I am debuting a new blog called “Social Dancing for Adults” which you will be able to access from the new website. Hope that you will find it interesting. You can even post your own thoughts on the topics and have an ongoing discussion with other readers.

In our Local Social Dancing Events section, I have some updates for our October events. For those who came out on Friday night at Afton Village, I am sorry that we were rained out. Unfortunately, that does happen sometimes when you have outdoor events. RRV at least has a covered dance area, so when it rains there, the party is not over.

More events are coming your way very soon. If you have any suggestions on events that you would enjoy, feel free to send them by e-mail or mention them when we see each other at classes or events.


Ryan Knight


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